acad Gardens

IN Pune

The conceptual idea of the apartments’ compound design is twofold: firstly to overcome and subdue the fissuring effect of the canal that cuts the site in two so as to communicate the two sides, and;secondly, to create a park-like space, with free open areas that the residents can utilise as they wish: relaxing, walking, socialising, playing, meditating, exercising, etc.
The underground club [+-]
More space, more uses.

Locating all the the club related facilities under the ground provides a more generous FAR and allows a more capacious landscaping. Setting it up between the two ground level means that it can be used as stairs and terraces, increasing once again the garden area.

he constructed elements used to knit the two sides are green esplanades that bridge the canal and widen to form slightly raised squares that with gentle curves transform into open green or paved spaces. These pedestrian bridges are strategically placed to ease communication and circulation across the site. The bridges aren’t such large constructions, but as they widen over the embankments they conceal well the limiting barrier of the canal and give the feeling and impression of continuous open space punctuated by openings over the canal.

The flowing curved forms are effective in creating areas of tranquillity in which people can feel relaxed, areas that transform gradually into different zones. The curved forms are also an important formal tool as a counterpoint to the regular, systematic zigzag of the apartment buildings’ podiums as well as to the straight, long fissure of the canal. So the park has an attractive character of its own that also compliments its built surroundings and unites the two sides of this central compound space.
Consistent with the concept of creating the maximum free space possible, the club building has a roof that is also useable by the residents: like a grandstand the building has a stepped form that offers the residents quiet places to sit and to read, relax or socialise, and to look over the park to the swimming pools opposite. The walls of the club are all glazed, while direct sunlight entry is controlled. The façades of the podiums facing the park have been adapted into covered circulation routes, so that one may enjoy shade or protection from the rain.

The additional features of club, swimming pools and shade-house create activities for the residents, promote movement and circulation across the park, and stimulate the interactive community life of the residents. Together with the luxurious and privileged spaces of the park itself, all these features combine to make the Wakad Apartments a more pleasurable place to live and a residence of higher quality.


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