iujiahao District

CN Wenjiang

Residential district located close to Wenjiang. The residential area covers almost 500.000m² and includes, in addition to the towers and villas, a commercial avenue and a medium size mall. Following strict sustainable rules, one of the design challenges was being able to adapt the usage from middle-class (during the first ten years) to middle-high class in the years to come.
Mobility and diversity [+-]
Different typologies grouped by a single axis.

The Liujiahao districts connects the business and education sectors, as it follows the Jinma river. With such a complex urban fabric, which goes from private luxury villas to very affordable high rise apartments, it is of great importance to design an appropiate and clear mobility solution to fir all needs.

Residential villas

The overall project planning is based on seven guiding principles that address the design criteria:

1. An urban approach that considers physical site conditions and the international nature of the General Master Plan.
2. Enhancement of the cultural elements of the place by the landscape, architecture and traditional elements of the site.
3. Enhancing the ecological network to ensure the comfort of men in the future.
4. The city as a mix of uses that benefits the coexistence of all its functions and all its inhabitants.
5. The hierarchy of the urban environment and the generation of a digital environment, in order to create different types of habitats, for community participation as one of the basic principles of sustainability.
6. The development of a network of attractive flows on the basis of pedestrians to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
7. Linked to energy efficiency and bioclimatic building control and waste management.
Following the guiding principles, the project was developed in four main areas:

1. Urban elements
2. Landscaping dimension
3. Communities
4. Digital environment


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