AE Dubai

With features such as a helipad, private shopping suites, VIP lounges, lifestyle consultation and a cutting-edge brand mix, this 100,000m² mall is set to fascinate, stimulate, and transform the shopping experience of even the most discerning customer.
Maximum efficiency [+-]
Although it is still spatious and comfy.

The goal of this development was to achieve the maximum number of units, while keeping the ground floor only height. By including innner gardens we could have the minimal façade area. That means, less AC needs, less roads and more privacy. The direct results are reduced construction and maintenance cost and high living standards.

Variety [+-]
Designing repetitive units gives boring results.

In order to avoid it, big efforts were put into designing the streets. Each area has a recognizable design and use, in a similar way to the way traditional cities evolved.

Dubai mall will boast the world's largest green wall, Dubai's first indoor rooftop golf course, Dubai's first Live TV Studio in a mall, amongst a host of other innovative firsts. The Green Wall, projected at 2,625m², is designed in collaboration with Patrick Blanc.

The area under the roof was designed to be the biggest indoor golf course in the world or, alternatively, a hotel and Spa with real English style gardens. In either case, this would function as a giant insulation blanket for the mall below. One of the most amazing facts of this building is that it would be self-supporting, producing all its required energy, hence achieving a zero-carbon footprint. This can be achieved by reducing its consumption to minimums, using traditional Arabic passive ventilation techniques and maximising natural illumination.
The whole mall is structured through hexagonal cells deformed depending on the space necessities. This has direct consequences on the structure and the mall interiors as well, and this shape provides the shops a maximum clear storefront.

Standard GF plan, 158m² 2BHK.

Open type, 207m² 2BHK.

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