MY Kuala Lumpur Work in progress
QA Doha Project Alpha
NP Kathmandu Skyliving
IN New Delhi ULA Connaught
AE Dubai Vista Townhouses
QA Doha House for a Sheikh
CO Barranquilla Mr Jourdain

Great communication makes great projects

And that's what we strive for, in a world of communications.  Read more...
CN Wenjiang Liujiahao District
CN Chengdu Anren Museum
AI Dubai Constellations
CN Shenzhen Guosen Securities Tower
Tcherassi Vilató Discover our exclusive furniture brand!
CN Wenjiang Xiang Yun Towers

Well-thought-out and astute architecture

Down-to-earth, intelligent, logical, practical, prudent and wise are words that we like to use to define our work.  Read more...
CN Wenjiang Liujiahao Towers
IN Pune Wacad gardens
Various Africa New Communities
QA Doha Tornado Restaurants
QA Al-Rayyan International Compound
PK National Private Gallery

Simply efficient.

Architecture can be art, emotions and almost ethereal, but we need to make it efficient.  Read more...
EG Cairo Rancho compound
AE Dubai Westar Office
/not available yet/
CN Various Barcelona Modernista Towers
AE Dubai D-Mall at Silicon Oasis
KH Keov Mony Water Pavillion
MY Melaka My Arab City extension

Project conception

When it comes to creativity we can be there with you from step 0.  Read more...
MY Flood Prefab
MY Kuala Lumpur PPP Building
NP Kathmandu Nepal Hotel